Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Have you ever thought about the opposite side of you?  Do you accept your negative emotions?  How about your negative behavior?  Can you look at yourself honestly in the mirror?

The whole natural world is created on opposites, otherwise it wouldn't exist.  There has to be a winter in order to have a summer, light to dispel the darkness.  In Chinese philosophy this is shown with the symbol of Yin & Yang which many of us have seen or know.  The idea behind Yin & Yang is that there is a balance to everything & in order to be a whole person we need this balance as well.

The questions I asked above may be difficult questions for some, but in order to grow & have a more joyful/positive life we need to accept & acknowledge our negative side.  If instead we choose to just bury it or ignore it.  The negative will always come back into our lives & it will continue to hold us back.

When I wrote the blog entitled "reflections" I mentioned how people will come into your life that annoy you right away & that these people are reflecting a piece of yourself back to you that you don't want to acknowledge or that you don't like about yourself.  This will always be the case God/universe will always find away to bring back these negative emotions until you accept these emotions as part of who you are.

For a lot of my younger life I was known to have a very bad temper.  I didn't get angry often but when I did get angry I would get very angry.  There were many reasons for this but most of it centered around my feelings of insecurity & not feeling good enough.  What happened to me in order to defend my point, so I wouldn't feel like I was wrong, was I got very loud & angry.  Until I accepted this negative behavior & until I resolved my insecurities I couldn't move past this negative emotion.  I still have, on a very rare occasion, this negative emotion. It will always be a part of me.  But now that I understand it & accept it, I'm able to live a more joyful/positive life.

There are many more examples of this not only in my life but in all your lives.  In order to love greatly you need to know hate.  In order to know good times you have to have experienced bad times.  This balance is always there and necessary.

Look into your soul & accept all the negative as an equal part of who you are.  By accepting & understanding this "dark side" of you, you can expand your joy & live a more positive/joyful life.

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Quote of the day: "We are all made up of light & dark, accept both parts of yourself & you will grow to have a more joyful life."

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